The Future of Work – #DigitalExchange (01.05.20 15:30 CET)

Our first digital event is hosted by the EFF – European Future Forum on the 1st of May, also known as Labour day.

Marking this occassion, we will be chatting about our experiences working from home during lockdown and how the crisis has affected our work. We’ll further explore how we believe the future of work should look like and why.

The format of this event is #DigitalExchange. It is a fully open event. Anyone can join the discussion and voice their opinions. Together we’ll explore the topic within our alloted time limit and try to come up with some common solutions. Although we don’t necessarily all have to come to the same conclusions. That is what makes this format so interesting.

The event will be recorded and a video with highlights will be produced in the aftermath.

Event Details:

  • Time and Date: 1st of May 15:30-16:30 CET
  • Location: Discord (app)

Join our server for free via this link:

All future EFF events will also be accessible via the same server. Once you have set up your account for free and joined our server, all you will have to do in the future is log in on time for each new event.

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